“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” -Ansel Adams

Friday, June 8, 2012

June 2012 Featured Photographer

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1. How did you "find" photography?

My first exposure (pun intended) to photography was from my father, he used to shoot with a Rollei he picked up in Germany when he was stationed there. But, my interest was really piqued in High School. My best friend, Ziggy, took a class in photography (B&W) and I spent as much time in the darkroom after school as he did! I was hooked. With the first paycheck I received from a "real" job, I bought a SLR (a Fujica AZ-1).

2. What inspires you to stop and take a picture?

Tough question. For me, it's more instinctual than inspirational, I think. I have an artistic background; my Mother was a commercial artist and I studied art, metal smithing and illustration in college. I'm attracted to certain forms, colors and spaces unconsciously. I've also had a great interest in science and nature since I was a kid, so I enjoy photographing animals, plants and natural scenes ... and of course, bugs (I love Macro work).

3. How do you grow, as a photographer?

I think the best way to grow in any artistic medium is to study other artists work. Not to duplicate it (although that can be a great teacher too) , but to see the breadth of what is possible. You also need to really understand your tools. Study your camera and all its "fiddly bits". Try everything! Digital is really great for that; take all the pictures you want!

pkHyperFocal - View my recent photos on Flickriver 4. Is any part of the photographic process a "chore" for you?

Cataloging. Hate it. Nuff said.

5. Do you make money off of your work?

Here and there, but it's not been my focus (more photo puns, sorry). I've shot a few events, sold a few prints and even had one of my pictures turned into a Christmas Ornament. I usually just shoot for my personal edification, but I'm certainly not opposed to making money. Make me an offer, I'll cut you a deal ... ;-)

6. How did you learn about photography?

Like I said, it was all around me from early on. Besides my Father and Ziggy, I had another good friend who's father had a full color darkroom in his basement. He was an excellent amateur photographer and I used to page through his albums for hours.

7. Which of your own images is your favorite?

That's like trying to pick your favorite child! "The Beauty of My Nemesis", "Science To Do", "Dancing at the DIA" and "Ready for Prom", are probably my favorites ... this week.

8. Do you have any photographs that YOU dont particularly like, but they seem to be fan favorites?

Heck, I don't have many that are fan favorites!

9. What's the toughest thing to photograph?

Right now, its a barn swallow in flight! They are all over the place where I work and I've been trying to get an in-focus shot for a couple of weeks. Those little guys are faster than blue blazes!

As a general class, I'd have to say people. Especially flash photography of people. I'm not great with a flash, but I'm learning.

pkHyperFocal - Flickriver 10. What camera do you use, and why?

Hard to say, I'm using a couple right now! For the last few years, I've been shooting a Canon 40D. Great camera; a real work horse. Recently, however, I purchased a lightly used Canon 7D at a great price ... and then, almost immediately, fell into a Canon 5DmkII for a really, REALLY great price. I've sold the 40D, so I'm down to two (plus my Canon G11) and I'm learning them both. The 5DmkII shoots a lot like the 40D, but the 7D is a different beast altogether. Fortunately all Canons have a very similar control layout.

Obvioulsy, I shoot Canon, but its not a religion. I think both Canon and Nikon have great cameras and great lenses. When I got into digital, I started out with a Canon XT probably because my brother had one of the original Digital Rebel's that I borrowed all the time. Once you start acquiring glass, its pretty hard to switch, not that I've had a desire to. I've had great luck with my Canons.

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