“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” -Ansel Adams

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 2012 Featured Photographer


Flickr Member since December 2010

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1. How long have you been taking pictues?

When I was a boy of 8 or 9 I had a Kodak Hawkeye camera that
used 127 size film (whatever that was) and flashbulbs. I loved 
that camera. I would shoot a roll and then mail it in to a company 
for development. Then I would wait a week or so to see the result.
There was many a day I raced out to the mailbox hoping to see 
that yellow envelope with my pictures in it. 

In my early 20s I had a Minolta 35 mm film camera and enjoyed
getting out with it often. Then "other" stuff took over and it wasn't 
until last year when I bought a digital camera that I really got back 
to photography.

2. Do you have hobbies besides photography? Bicycling. History.
Things with a history to be found interest me a lot and lead me to 
many of my photographs. I have really enjoyed stopping at farms
and asking if I can photograph a particular building. People like to
talk about the history of the farm....even those with the oldest
buildings that may be a bit weathered. 
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3. Is there a style of photography that appeals to you more than others?
Not really. I take a lot of landscapes and shots of old buildings, 
particularly farm buildings. Weathered wood & weathere structures 
appeal to me. There is a history to them that you can feel while you
line up your shot and hopefully can see when the shot is done.

4. Do you primarily shoot alone, or with other people? 

Mostly alone, sometimes with my wife. 

5. Which of your own photographs is your favorite, and why?

Recently I was out on a morning there was a thick hoarfrost. It was the 
perfect day. I wandered about in awe of the beauty and took a lot of
pictures....a few captured the essence of the morning. I can still see 
the landscape of that day in my mind's eye. Also, photos of an 
abandoned schoolhouse on a bright day with giant white cottonballs 
of clouds overhead. I love that building. 

6. What's your biggest insecurity with your work? 

I learned by doing as opposed to being taught. I'm drawn to the subject more than 
anything else. I know there is a world of technical skills and training
that I haven't pursued that would improve my shots. But, even 
though I am aware of that I just like to be out doing it. 

7. If you could choose one type of photography to specialize in for profit, what would you pick (portraiture, architecture, nature, abstract, etc)? 

Landscapes and nature because they take me outdoors and on 
what I like to think of as mini-adventures. 

8. What makes a good photographer? 

A passion for the shot and an 
interest in the subject. I love old barns, they come in every 
age, condition and shape. They have a history that is right there 
in front of you. I find I take better pictures when I am excited about 
the subject.

9. So far, what has been the most significant technique, trick or piece
of equipment that has impacted your work? 

Digital revolutionized photography for me by freeing me of the expense of
 film and developing. Using a tripod improved my pictures significantly.
Lately I have been shooting without a filter, not even a neutral or
UV filter. Doing so changes the colors in interesting ways. I also
shoot a lot with a polarizing filter. I like what it does to colors.

10. Who is your favorite photographer, and why? 

Ansel Adams. Perfection in the shots I like. He found such wonderful detail in 
everything he shot. There are so many on Flickr whose work I 
love, I hate to mention just a couple names.

tfinn123442 - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

A note from the interviewer:

Tom was also awarded the Members Choice Photographer award from his peers at SEMIDP.   The detail he captures in his subjects is amazing.  Congrats, Tom!

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